Some Scripts I wrote for Fallout 2.

All of these mods are compatible with each other.

Be sure to read any ini files that come with these mods, and set them to your personal taste,

beware that the ini files in these mods are copied from my fallout 2 play folder,some of the mods may be turned off,

double check the ini settings.

Comments, suggestions, criticism is always welcome, requests and bug reports here.

All of these mods on this page require sFall.


Experience Table

EXP tables % of vanilla :

50% 150% 200% 250% 300% 350% 400% 450% 500%

nothing fancy,simply copy paste into ddraw.ini and uncomment to use


Auto Loot

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Simple scripting that loots all items on the ground with key press,

loots all items in corpses with key press,

and unloading ammo from weapons in inventory with key press.

AutoLoot.ini has individual keys settings.


Barter Price Increase

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Goal of this mod is to make becoming filthy rich harder.

Barter.ini has settings controlling barter prices.


Custom Highlight

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Altered sFall default highlight mod to set separate colors for each

 highlighted item : Ground Items,Containers,Corpses and living Critters.

Some settings in sfall-mods.ini.

Be sure to copy your existing settings from sfall-mods.ini.

to the new one as this mod over-writes the file.


Custom Perks

Last Updated May 5th 2019

62 scripted perks.

14 of those 62 perks are vanilla altered and scripted perks.

CustomPerks.ini has tons of options that can be customized,

every numerical aspect of the perks can be changed.


Destroy Bodies and Blood

Last Updated May 5th 2019

2 scripts that destroy empty corpses and blood left over from corpses, destroys blood, destroys empty bodies.


Experience Multiplied

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Very simple scripting that increases experience gained.

4 scripts included, they don't stack with each other but they do stack with Swift Learner Perk.


Experience Master

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Perk for every kill type in the game, once the perk is chosen,

extra experience is gained for each kill of that kill type.

XPMaster.ini has every numerical aspect of the perks as a setting.


Rapid Perks

Last Updated May 5th 2019

5 scripted Perks.

All numeric aspects of the perks can be changed in RapidPerks.ini.

One that lessens the levels between perks by one for each rank.

Script that fixes annoying bugs with perks(,

If all you want is the bug fixes, use and don't install the other script.

Keeps track of number of perks owed, and they are saved between sessions.

If player levels many levels at once, the bug that some perks would be lost is corrected.

When multiple perks are owed, select one, then exit out of the character screen,

then re-open character screen to choose the next one, until all perks are chosen.


Experience Rush

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Perk that heals the player by a % when the player levels up.

The % is cumulative for each rank,once the combined % is 100% or over,

the next rank fully heals all party members,

the next rank after that cures The Chosen One of all poison,

the last rank cures The Chosen One of all radiation.

All numeric aspects of the perk can be changed in XPRush.ini.


Lootable Armor

Last Updated May 5th 2019

When enemies die and they appear to have been wearing armor,

an armor of the same type they appeared to have been wearing is created on the corpse.

Some settings in ON_Death.ini make sure to chose your current installation.

Vanilla , Fallout Restoration Project and Megamod code included.


Party Member Perks

Last Updated May 5th 2019

13 Perks for each party member The Chosen One can choose at level up.

Included for Megamod added NPC's and Fallout Restoration Project added NPC's,

as well as vanilla.

Some aspects of the perks can be altered in PartyPerks.ini.



Last Updated May 5th 2019

This one can be exploited.

On key press pushes critters near The Chosen one several spaces away.

they can be brought back with a key press or simply wait for the script to auto return them.

Party members can be pulled to The Chosen One on key press.

Be sure to return critters to original space before changing maps or entering the world map.

Some Settings in Push.ini.


Random Encounters

Every random encounter map has either a cave, or an underground sewer system.

Compatible with just about any mod, as most mods don't alter random encounter maps.

Vanilla FO2 code used to chose what critters are placed in the new map levels.

Luck based random chests placed with vanilla code for random items.


Scaled Difficulty

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Goal is to make the game much more challenging.

After install,first load of a game will place an item in The Chosen One's inventory.

Use the item to adjust the stats of the critters on maps, lots of settings.


Weapon Drop

Last Updated May 5th 2019

Drops weapons when a critter is hit(options to control what is required for on hit drop weapons),and when critters die.

Adjust settings to personal taste in Damage.ini.

***NOTE : this mod is turned off in my personal ini(that is copied from my play folder with my upload bat file).


World Map City List Backround FRM

Location List for city buttons, edited to add the max 255 buttons.


Death Art Inven Fix

A mod that prevents Electrocuted to death and Exploded to death critter animations,

from dropping all of the critters inventory on the ground.

Added altered Mutant Leather Jacket Electrocuted Death frame,

remove a few art frames to allow the corpse to be selectable.

If any other are found I will do similar.


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