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I cant speak for the author's of the mods I linked to on this page,but feel free to do whatever you like with my mods.



Awesome engine manipulation by Timeslip.


Fallout 2 Modding Tools

Some tools I keep updated.


Fallout Restoration Project

Very Nicely done.

Killap spent years completing this project.

Mods I Wrote for Fallout Restoration Project


Megamod 2.44 Windows Installer

Megamod 2.44 Manual Intall

Very Nicely done.

MIB88 has been working on this mod for years.

With the full downloads from this site,

make sure and run ProcessDat2.exe before playing.

Not doing that will cause error when saving.

Mods I wrote for Megamod


Scripts / Mods I wrote for Fallout 2

They should be compatible with just about any Fallout 2 mod or setup.